Product Detail
Two Lane Type Nespresso Capsule Filling Sealing Machine 
Material: steel Model: CP5002N
Brand: Expak Suitable for: Nespresso compatible (Aluminum/PBT/PP plastic)
Capacity speed per minute: 80-100pcs/min Filling accuracy: ±0.05~0.15g
Voltage: 220v/380v,50/60hz,5kw Dimension(Horizontal load): 4560mmX850mX2300mm
Dimension(vertical load): 3420mmX850mX2700mm Weight: 950kg/970kg
Certification: CE, FDA, CSA, ISO Compliant Volume range: 0-20g
Carton size: A级


Two Lane TypeNespresso Capsule Filling Sealing Machine

Applicable Range
Suitable for ground coffee, powders, herbal tea.

Typical for:Nespresso Aluminum or Nespresso PP/PBT.

Standard functionsand optional:

Auto load empty capsule and sensor check.

Filling material into capsule (±0.1g)

Auto clean the cup edge.

Grab foil lid and place ready on cup.

Check lid in position and seal (flat sealor ring curve seal)

Finished capsule grab out and put on belt


High precise liquidflavoring pump

Auger conveyorlifter as reload (replace the vacuum conveyor)

Finished capsulechecker weigher and reject unqualified

Main features:

Automatic, lowunit cost, heavy duty production.

Upgrade Nitrogensystem: Nitrogen flush Oxygen Remain within 5%

Reference drawing of machine:



Above drawing is horizontal loading machine total length 4900mm

While our vertical loading machine length is 3500mm

Main working process steps:

Capsule sorting(optional)→capsule load to machine→check capsule ready→nitrogen

flush→filling coffee→dust cleaning→place aluminum foil(or roll film cut and seal)→seal

capsule→check capsule weight(optional)→grab out good capsules

→next packaging like bag packing or paper box packing

Detailed intro and features:


Warranty and after-sales:

24 months limited guarantee against BOL date as: broken parts be sent by international fast delivery total under seller’s cost
2lifelong FREE supporting service including technical support, software updating, internet remote online support/debug etc.
3If buyer require installation service, should prepare of:

Round way air tickets, food, hotel, and necessary local transport.

Translator needed if only technician is sent.

Configuration parts:

2Touch screenOMRON/SchneiderJapan/France
3Servo motorSchneiderFrance
5Button switchSchneiderFrance
6Photoelectric sensorOMRONJapan
7Approach sensorOMRONJapan
9Solenoid valveSMCJapan

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