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Four Lanes Lavazza point Coffee Capsule Production Line 
Model: LP02 and LP04 Brand: Expak
Suitable for: Lavazza point capsule compatible Capacity speed per minute: 150-200 Cups/per minute
Filling accuracy: ±0.05~0.15g Voltage: 220v/380v,50/60hz,5kw
Dimension: 4800mmX2100mX2700mm Weight: 1700kg~1900kg
Volume range: 0-20g Control system&touch screen: PLC control system/10 Inch touchscreen

LP02 and LP04

Four Lanes Lavazza point Coffee Capsule ProductionLine

More than 10800 cups per hour

Project Consitituion

> Empty capsule lifter

> Automatic sort cup and put out one byone

> Servo motor driven filler auger

> Roll film type twice cut and sealsystem

> Finished capsule conveyor out

> Automatic count quantity and connectto flip-flop divertor

> Pillow bag packing machine

> Reject unqualified capsules

System Feature

> Improve productivity and shortenproduction cycle

> Save labor and reduce production cost

> The utility mofel has the adantages ofwide application range,high speed and automatic packaging of different kinds ofproducts

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