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Drip coffee bag packing machine with auger filler for coffee powder bag 
Model: V32 Brand: Expak
Suitable for: Coffee bag Capacity speed per minute: Max 30-50 bag/min (based on the quality of the packaging film and the material)
Filling accuracy: ±1-1.5% Compressed air consumption: 0.8Mpa 0.5m3/min, Not less than 1 CBM
Voltage: Three phase four wire  380V 50HZ Dimension: total height 2.121 m
Volume range: 10-300g Outer bag size: (L)50-200mm (W)60-150mm
Bag type: Pillow bag (Optional: punching bag, gusseted bag, vacuum bag) Film type: Max 320mm for width, 0.04-0.09mm for thickness, BOPP/VMCPP,PET/PE,BOPP/CPP, PET/AL/PE etc BOPP/CPP,PET/AL/PE, such thermo composite material




The V32Auger Filler is based on over 10 years continuously improve packaging solutions. The advantages of the whole sets are high automatic, easy operation and save costs.

The whole system is linkage control, automatic feeding, stop working without materials. 1 worker can control the whole sets, and the solution has low failure rate.

System configuration:








1、All contact parts with product is 304 stainless steel or food grade plastic ABS.

2、Delivery time: 40 Working Days

After service:

A.The system have a one year for guarantee, we will replacing the damaged accessory   (except easy damaged parts) within the expiry date, customers should bear the courier fee. B.The price is not including the testing and maintain door to door service charge of domestic and oversea, if you need, you should pay for the visa charge, room and board fees and cost of labour $100/days.

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