Product Detail
Six Lanes Coffee Capsule Filling And Sealing Machine 
Model: CP5006 Brand: Expak
Suitable for: Kcup/Nespresso capsules Capacity speed per minute: 200-300 Cups/per minute
Filling accuracy: ±0.05~0.15g Voltage: AC220v/380v,50/60hz,7kw
Dimension: 3720(L)mmX1200(W)mX2150(H)mm+1750*1200*2150mm Weight: 1050kg~11500kg
Volume range: 0-20g option Control system&touch screen: PLC control system/10 Inch touchscreen


Six Lanes Coffee Capsule Filling AndSealing Machine

Project Consitituion

> Automatic sorting cup and output cup

> Big capacity screw convey materials

> Servo control auger filling powder

> Filling flavor liquid system

> Automatic checker weigher system

> Full nitrogen protection line,residualoxygen less than 5%

> Cups output to conveyor belt

> Automatic sorting cup outputdevice,reduct cost

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