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Rotary kcup machine 
Model: CPR4501K Brand: Expak
Suitable for: Keurig KCUP compatible type  (empty kcup, kcup with filter ready etc.) Capacity speed per minute: 50-80 cups/min(precut lid)
Filling accuracy: ±0.05~0.15g Voltage: 220v/380v,50/60hz,1.2kw
Dimension: 1750mmX1300mX2200mm Weight: 710kg
Certification: CE, UL, FDA, CSA, ISO Compliant Volume range: 0-20g
Carton size: A级


Rotary Type Coffee Capsule Filling AndSealing Machine

Applicable Range
Suitable to fit for ground coffee, powders, herbal tea.

Typical for: Nespresso ,Kcup, Lavazza Blue,Instant Dolce Gusto.

Standard functions and optional:

Auto load empty capsule and sensor check.

Filling material into capsule (±0.1g)

Auto clean the cup edge.

Grab foil lid and place ready on cup.

Check lid in position and seal (flat sealor ring curve seal)

Finished capsule grab out.

Main features:

Small size, higher speed capacity.

Complete functions and full automatic.

High accurate motor driven by servo motor.

PLC controller and real-time monitoring.

Nitrogen system: flush capsule

No cup no filling and no sealing (continuesproduction no pause)

Detailed features:


IMG_2319 (1).jpg

IMG_2319 (2).png

Warranty and after-sales:

24 months limited guarantee against BOL date as: broken parts be sent by international fast delivery total under seller’s cost
2lifelong FREE supporting service including technical support, software updating, internet remote online support/debug etc.
3If buyer require installation service, should prepare of:

Round way air tickets, food, hotel, and necessary local transport.

Translator needed if only technician is sent.

Configuration parts:

2Touch screenOMRON/SchneiderJapan/France
3Servo motorSchneiderFrance
5Button switchSchneiderFrance
6Photoelectric   sensorOMRONJapan
7Approach sensorOMRONJapan
9Solenoid valveSMCJapan

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