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2-line kcup machine
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2-line kcup machine 
Material: steel Model: CP40-2E-K
Brand: Expak Suitable for: Keurig KCUP compatible type  (empty kcup, kcup with filter ready etc.)
Capacity speed per minute: CP5002: 100pcs/min Filling type: Serve motor driven auger filler
Filling accuracy: ±0.1g Sealing type: Pneumatically driven heat and seal, OMRON precise temperature controller to adjust
Compressed air consumption: 0.5 m3 per minute @ ≥ 0.6Mpa Voltage: 220v 50/60hz—3PHASE (by customer)
Dimension(Horizontal load): 4900mmX1100mX2062mm Dimension(vertical load): 3500 mmX1050mX2062mm
Weight: 1250kg Certification: CE, FDA, CSA, ISO Compliant
Carton size: A级



Brief introduction:

Our CP50 models are designed and manufactured to fit for coffee capsule kcups type

coffee packing, upgraded speed over 50 cycle per minute.

Main features:

✓ Machine framework material thicker and durable.

✓ Components are top brand name use imported.

✓ higher speed 50 cycle per minute and all complete functions

✓ premium options such as: checker weigher to check every capsule weight

✓ ready to connect with next packing system such as:  

paper box packing machine(also manufactured us) , plastic bag packing, laser/ink date

lot printer etc. as well as auger conveyor, internet remote control assistance etc.

Reference drawing of machine:

Main working process steps:

Empty kcup capsule load to machine (horizontal system or vertical system)

→check kcup inside ready→nitrogen flush→filling coffee→dust cleaning→liquid flavoring

system to do flavored coffee(optional)→place aluminum foil lid→seal capsule→check

capsule weight(optional) →check sealing good or bad sealing→grab out good kcup→

ink jet printer(or laser lot printer optional)

→connect to next packaging like12ct/24ct paper box packing(manufactured by us)

Detailed intro and features:



Warranty and after-sales:

24 months limited guarantee against BOL date as: broken parts be sent by international fast delivery total under seller’s cost
2lifelong FREE supporting service including technical support, software updating, internet remote online support/debug etc.
3If buyer require installation service, should prepare of:

Round way air tickets, food, hotel, and necessary local transport.

Translator needed if only technician is sent.

Configuration parts:

2Touch screenOMRON/SchneiderJapan/France
3Servo motorSchneiderFrance
5Button switchSchneiderFrance
6Photoelectric sensorOMRONJapan
7Approach sensorOMRONJapan
9Solenoid valveSMCJapan

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