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EXPAK Packaging was founded in 2010 and is located in Suzhou, one hour's drive from Shanghai airport. Our workshop is 12000㎡. We are one of China's machinery manufacturing units that designs our machine from zero to fit single-serve production. Upon our R&D, the manufacturing team continues effort; we have led the industry 3-5 years in advance. Featured products include single-serve coffee capsule filling and sealing machine capsule box packaging system.




ExpakChina is a trusted provider of over 90% of the Chinese domestic market for coffee capsule filling and sealing machines and has also supplied machinery and services in Europe and the USA. Our leading products are single-serve coffee capsule filling and sealing machines, capsule box packaging systems, and packaging material for empty capsule cups, filters, and sealing lids.

Continuous Innovation

A professional team has been in this industry for over 10 years, and every year, we go abroad for further study. R&D engineers continue to customize and improve machine performance for customers.

Quality Priority

We use advanced technology and accessories to make the machine reach the world-class level, repeat inspection and testing to confirm it is perfect, and then ship it out.

Rich Experience

Most of our team are engineers and mechanics have an education background in mechanics. Ten years of precipitation let us lead in this industry.

One-Stop Solution

We could provide a complete solution for our clients. Under the premise of quality assurance, solve all your troublesome related equipment purchases.

After-sale Service

We offer multiple ways to help you, including Email, Communication apps, Video Calls, and On-site consultation. All of them are permanent.

Delivery Date

While guaranteeing the quality of the machine, we never delay the delivery time. We will not delay the customer’s schedule.


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Welcome to visit the EXPAK booth at different exhibitions every year. Communicating with clients face to face and displaying our products is very important. The SCA EXPO that EXPAK participates in annually lets more customers know we have supported every coffee manufacturer. Welcome to the EXPAK booth for communicating.

1. FHA Food&beverage,  2024 April 23-26, Singapore.

2. The NAMA Show,  2024 May 07-09, Dallas, US.

3. Coffee Fest,  2024 June 14-15, New Orleans, US.


Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions that customers often ask or care about.
Please have a look to see if they are helpful or solve your doubts.
Contact us if you have any more questions! 

What products can EXPAK Manufacturer provide?

1 Single Serve Cup Filling Machine: All types are included, such as K Cup filling machine, Nespresso filling machine (Nespresso compatible are available), Dolce Gusto filling machine, Lavazza Blue/Modo Mio/Point filling machine, Bialetti Capsule filling machine, etc.

2 Automatic Coffee Capsule Box Packing Machine: K Cup carton packer (face down and up to each other in the box, 12/18ct/24ct), Nespresso Capsule carton packer (10pods in sleeve box or flat box), Square carton packer for Dolce Gusto, Lavazza etc.

3 Flow Wrapper for Nespresso, Lavazza Point/Modo Mio Bialetti.

4 Automatic Pouch/Gusset Bag Filling and Sealing Machine

5 Automatic VVFS Machine for Bagged Coffee

6 Packing Material, as a supplier for the single-serve pod, empty KCup with or without welded filter, Nespresso capsule compatible, Lavazza, Dolce Gusto Capsule, roll film and lid, customized premade bag and carton. 

Does EXPAK provide on-site installation?

Yes, we can offer it. We have many technicians with experience in overseas after-sales service, and including visas for the United States and some European countries, it is very convenient for customers. We can not only provide installation services but also visit our customers regularly every year and do some assistance. We keep close business relationships and trust each other.

How long is your machine warranty and how to fix machine problems?

In general, 13 is a limited guarantee against the BOL date and lifelong free supporting service, including technical support, software updating, internet remote online support/debugging, etc. We will run this machine to guarantee it works perfectly and then ship it out. We speak English, and the machines are made with an English interface. For daily support, we use Skype, WhatsApp, and iPhone messaging apps like Facetime to communicate, and we offer excellent service to help our customers. We will overcome the time zone difference for you. Many nights, we help our customers fix accidents on machines. This is so important. One good example is that we have a customer who started with us from zero in 2011, and at the end of 2020, he took many machines from us, including the auto cartoner. As 2020 is the year of covid pandemic, we are not allowed to fly. Finally, we made all his lines work by online video call.
For over ten years, we have spent many nights with the customer and solved many of their production problems.
Most problems are solved by adjustments or changing parts. In this case, we offer fast international express with FedEx, UPS delivery, etc., to send the parts.
We are also willing and able to send technicians to you, and for the EU area, we have ready technicians with EU visas to travel.
Usually, we will send two technicians, and the buyer will need to prepare these requirements:
Roundway air tickets, food, hotel, and necessary local transport. And reasonable labor costs. 

Where is your manufacturer, is it possible to go visiting?

EXPAK's headquarters is in Suzhou, China. You are very welcome to visit our factory.
We have an overseas after-sales point available to visit in Las Vegas in the United States and Italy in Europe. They are also willing to introduce and show our machines in their facility if you are not convenient to come to China. 


Suzhou Expak Packaging Co., Ltd

Address: Building 1, The Link Plaza,
No.278 East Suzhou Avenue,
Suzhou Industrial Park,
Jiangsu Province,

Tel: +86 13348026518


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